ZUSHA is a Hasidic/Soul/Fusion/Folk band seeking to inspire the world through their original music, combining ancient tradition with modern melody.

Zusha is currently in the midst of tracking their 3rd studio album at Mason Jar Music and their 2nd EP. Although it is too soon to announce the respective names of the upcoming album and EP, we can share one thing for sure, the centripetal-force of them both is the perennial explorations of the audio-worlds of prayer and song, drawing upon new waves of the infinite ocean of sound and utilizing new instruments of song to optimally express the song of the soul. Without a doubt, the new album will be released speedily, in its due time. With Hashem's help, as per usual, Zusha will embark on a multi-leg world tour following the release of the album. Stay tuned for a performance near You!

We will have a cocktail bar, included will be a variety of signature drinks available at no extra cost. 

Area 53 NYC is all about paintball, airsoft, laser tag, and archery tag, so get ready to have the time of your life! The latest surreal and adrenaline-focused entertainment experience in New York City, Area 53 is ideal for all ages and occasions—from your child’s 8th birthday party with their best friends, to a bachelorette party you'll never forget! You’ll even get to set the atmosphere with BYO food & drinks! Click HERE for more info. 


On-premises will be a professional cigar roller making fresh rolled cigars  

Hookahman is a unique new experience. They provide Hookahs for any event with the most exotic flavors,

They also offer lighting and set design to get that perfect  vibe and distinctive style. 


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