Critically acclaimed party turntable rocker Roy Baron boasts over twenty years experience playing high profile events for corporate and wedding clients around the world.

The breadth and depth of the musical repertoire of our born and bred Brooklyn, New York native reflects a clever balance of sharp urban edge and eclectic global tastes.

Drawing from a wide spectrum of music ranging from today’s hottest mainstream Top 40 Billboard hits to classic and current hip hop, reggae & dancehall, rock, Latin, house and funk & soul and much much more,

Roy Baron mixes and blends each masterfully-weaved, custom-tailored set infused with his signature spontaneity, charisma and charm presented with polished and impeccable precision.

Driven by a sincere and deep passion for curating ambiance and meaningful human connection, Roy Baron takes his crowd along a journey weaving a melodious and rhythmic playlist of both celebrated and curiously obscure tunes.

His natural magnetism and charm, savvy and class is always a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Humbly serving the discerning client that expects absolute perfection befitting of nothing less than royalty, Roy Baron wears the crown.


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